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About Key Closet

Established in 2006 by a group of passionate designers and visionary entrepreneur Michael Hong, Key Closet clothing has quickly built a loyal following for its innovative look, ground-breaking fashions, and pioneering approach to clothing manufacture. Key Closet garments are made to convey the wearer’s confidence, style, and power – the keys to unlocking any fantasy.

Key Closet’s style is created using the techniques of an artist producing a painting. Using the blank garment as a canvas, each piece is personalized with hand-drawn designs and exquisite details such as metal studs and Swarovski crystals each set in metal brackets, producing never-before-seen designs that have caught the attention of fashion editors and celebrities alike.

Synthesizing art and fashion in a new and exciting way, Key Closet's exclusive designs appeal to those who desire extravagant, beautiful, eye-catching clothing. Demand for Key Closet is growing by 200-300% annually, fueled by a large celebrity following.

Key Closet clothing can be seen everywhere in mainstream media on stylish celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Terrell Owens, Omarion, Cee Lo, and Too $hort. After creating a sensation with Key Closet, Michael is set to launch Konquest high-end casual label that will bring the craftsmanship and artistry of Key Closet to a wider audience.

With a deep understanding that detail and creativity are the essentials of luxury, Key Closet will continue to captivate audiences as the brand expands. Uniquely beautiful and exclusive, Key Closet is the definition of pure glam.

Social Responsibility

Along with creating impeccable clothing, Key Closet is dedicated to corporate social responsibility. All Key Closet clothing is 100% designed and manufactured in the United States in a sweatshop-free environment. Our strong belief in giving back to the communities we serve inspires our program of donating resources to local non-profit organizations.

Key Closet recently announced that 30% of the profits from the sale of our new $10,000 Jeans will be donated to help build primary schools for children in Kampala, Uganda. In the extremely poverty-stricken Kampala region, access to education is a distant dream for many of the local children. In association with Presbyterian Church of Uganda, Key Closet hopes to make their dreams come true. Since primary education has been proven to positively influence future socioeconomic mobility for children in the developing world, we are proud to support a program that will leave a lasting impact on the lives of the less fortunate among us.

About Michael Hong, CEO and Creative Director

While the sparkle on his creations may come from the finest gems, TQM Apparel Group founder Michael Hong gets his shine from his hard working and humble attitude. Focusing on creativity as the core of his business, Michael constantly seeks to improve his clothing and expand the reach of his rapidly growing fashion empire.

With demand for Key Closet clothing at a record high and the launch of two new brands scheduled for 2008, Michael leads his team of in-house designers to produce garments that are a unique manifestation of Michael’s artistic vision. The expression of Michael’s artistry in each piece is the intangible magic that draws the eye to a Key Closet wearer even in a crowded room of other brands and trends.

Fashion is in Michael Hong’s blood. Born in Korea, he immigrated to Los Angeles at the age of nineteen and earned a business degree from the University of Southern California. He honed his skills in the fashion trade at his family’s clothing factory and at an apparel line owned by his cousin. In 1999, Michael founded the T-shirt manufacturing company TQM Apparel Group.

In 2002, Michael met his future wife and business partner Juliane Yi, and TQM really began to flourish. Juliane brought a great eye for emerging trends to the business, and under the direction of the husband and wife team, TQM revamped its expanding line of T-shirt colors and styles. Infused with new passion, approach and creativity, TQM experienced rapid growth, and has since been named by both Entrepreneur Magazine and INC as one of the country’s 500 fastest growing businesses.

With the debut of the Konquest line in the third quarter of 2008, Michael and Juliane will continue to expand their artistic vision and combine imagination and style in fresh new ways.

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