Key Closet clothing is designed to appeal to fashion consumers who demand only the finest in contemporary casual apparel. As one of the fastest-growing new luxury brands on the market, we have quickly established our reputation for handmade, one-of-a-kind garments that display an artistic touch. Never mass-produced, our clothing brings the sophistication of true couture to high-end sportswear.

Each Key Closet garment begins as a blank canvas, ready to become a manifestation of the artistic vision of our in-house design team. Just as an artist creates a painting, our artisans create unique designs using such techniques as hand threading, hand application of foil and spray paint accents and tasteful embellishment with metal studs and Swarovski crystal studded settings. Our outstanding animal-motif graphics are hand-drawn using an environmentally friendly water-based paint that is both soft and luxurious. Key Closet clothing features exquisite, utterly unique details that have quickly captured the attention of fashion editors and celebrities alike.

Key Closet…the key that unlocks the wearer’s power, confidence and style. Available exclusively at select boutiques nationwide.

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